The Royal Academy

Events at the Royal Academy

Nature Retreat 26 October -to- 31 October

On the 26th of October 2016, the students and teachers of the Royal Academy embarked on a six-day nature retreat programme. The intention behind this outdoors adventure was to facilitate better bonding between the teachers and their mentees. It would also serve as an opportunity...
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Celebrating the Coronation of The Druk Gyalpo

It has been eight beautiful and prosperous years since His Majesty the King received the sacred Dar-Na-Nga from the Machhen in Punakha Dzong. To commemorate this Coronation, the students and teachers of The Royal Academy lit butter lamps and offered prayers for the long life of...
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Paro Anand visits The Royal Academy

On Monday 29th August, distinguished Indian author Paro Anand arrived at The Royal Academy to lead sessions on reading and writing, interact with the students and inspire all to write. In her first session, she read from her recent book, Wingless. Students and staff alike...
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The Royal Academy at Mountain Echoes 2016

This past weekend the students and teachers of The Royal Academy attended the Mountain Echoes programme in Thimphu. After the usual learning experiences, the students boarded the buses full of anticipation for what would be an enriching experience for all. After reaching the...
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Indian School(s) Students and Teachers spend a day at the Royal Academy

In tune with the guiding philosophy of The Royal Academy of helping learners actualise their potential, we played host to a large group of students and teachers from India. The visitors were from three distinguished schools in India:Vasant Valley School (Delhi) , Mayo College...
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Sheljun Phelrim 1

Onset of Sheljun Phelrim

After a concerted and rigorous first term that revealed the multifaceted talents of our students???, they left for their summer break on June 26. It was indeed a pleasure for all of us at The Royal Academy to see their beaming faces when they returned to campus on July 19. In an...
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