The Royal Academy


The Royal Academy is a visionary initiative of His Majesty The King conceived as an enduring tribute to the unparalleled leadership and the rich legacy of His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck, the Fourth Druk Gyalpo. The establishment of the Academy is a testament to His Majesty The King’s recognition of the critical role of education in enriching the lives of our people and society; nurturing successive generations of leaders; narrowing emerging economic and social disparities; and building a strong, secure and prosperous nation. The Royal Academy will strengthen His Majesty’s vision for education.


The guiding philosophy of the Royal Academy focuses on the wholistic development of individuals to help them actualise their dynamic potential across all areas of development— cerebral, physical, social, emotional and spiritual; and enables each individual to become constructive, contributory citizens of a just and harmonious society. Emphasis is given not only to high academic achievement but also to the development of character that fosters fundamental values such as honesty, integrity, teamwork, generosity and compassion towards others. Through this approach, the Royal Academy will promote a culture of excellence in all aspects of a learner’s life.


“…we must always remember that as our country, in these changing times finds immense new challenges and opportunities, whatever work we do, whatever goals we have …The future is neither unseen nor unknown. It is what we make of it. What work we do with our two hands today will shape the future of our nation. Our children’s tomorrow has to be created by us today.”

Coronation Address of His Majesty the King, 7th November, 2008

The Royal Academy aspires to become a center of excellence – one that leads in thought, continuously evolves and raises the bar in education. The Royal Academy is a Bhutanese institution that draws inspiration from Bhutan’s history, traditions, and values while at the same time striving for excellence at the international level through the promotion of a global outlook.