The Royal Academy

Rewo Sangchoe offerings at the Royal Academy Site in Pangbisa

On 7th May 2014, the Royal Academy carried out Rewo Sangchoe offerings at the Academy site in Pangbisa. The Rewo Sangchoe offerings, which is a mountain incense offering ritual, were made to purify the site as well as to appease the local deities at the site. The Head Lam and monks from Ugyen Guru Lhakhang in Pangbisa conducted the ritual for the Royal Academy.

7th May coincided with the 8th day of the third month on the Bhutanese Lunar calendar. The 8th day of every month in the Bhutanese Lunar Calendar is dedicated to Jetsuen Dolma (Tara) and is therefore recognized as an auspicious day for such offerings.

A few of the Royal Academy’s Board members joined the Royal Academy staff at Pangbisa to commemorate this momentous occasion for the Academy.



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