The Royal Academy

First intramural football match

On a crystal clear day, the students participated in the very first intramural football match, presided over by the magnificent snow-capped Jomolhari. Throughout the day prior to the match, the entire student body was abuzz with anticipation for what would likely be an enthralling experience for all. As soon as the clock struck 4:30 PM, the students could be seen rushing to their dorm rooms to change into their tracksuits and don their new football boots for the match. One by one, the boys’ and girls’ teams met head to head in the vigorous challenge to gain control of the ball and ultimately send it between the posts of the opposing team. Even those who had never participated in a football match before attempted to snatch the ball using fancy footwork and courageous maneuvers emulated from their international football heroes. Bystanders cheered and chanted their champions’ names from the sidelines while they waited their turn to showcase their technical skills. By the end of the afternoon, shouts of joy and celebration could be heard, emanating from the modest Royal Academy football ground.

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