The Royal Academy

Indian School(s) Students and Teachers spend a day at the Royal Academy

In tune with the guiding philosophy of The Royal Academy of helping learners actualise their potential, we played host to a large group of students and teachers from India. The visitors were from three distinguished schools in India – Vasant Valley School (Delhi) , Mayo College (Ajmer) and Welham Girls school (Dehradun). There were 60 students and 6 teachers who were part of a cultural exchange visit to Bhutan and they spent a day at the Royal Academy on August 8.

After receiving them on campus, they were welcomed into our classrooms to give them a feel of our learning experiences. The students of the Royal Academy were making presentations on different topics revolving around the ‘universe’, as part of the Life Sciences module and their counterparts partook in the discussions that followed. It was amazing to see how the students, who didn’t know each other just a few minutes ago, gelled along.They exchanged ideas and views on the topic at hand, classroom settings and use of technology.

Following the tea break, the students were divided into mixed groups and had a friendly Degor match. The visitors had never had a Degor experience and it was fascinating to see the students’ explaining about the rules and putting their best foot forward. This was followed by a basketball and football match between the visitors and the Royal Academy.

After lunch, the faculty was in for a treat as the students took over and a spectacle unfolded. There were eight dance performances and three songs and the campus was enveloped in a colourful festive cheer. The atmosphere was student-centric and it culminated with all 120 students dancing to their hearts content to a myriad of tunes. Captivated faculty too joined in on the revelry.

The visitors bid us farewell a little before five. Students exchanged email id’s and mailing addresses and vowed to keep in touch. It was a day of socializing, fun and learning. Though the day inevitably came to an end, the learnings and takeaways would be cherished for a long time to come

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