The Royal Academy

The Royal Academy at Mountain Echoes 2016

This past weekend the students and teachers of The Royal Academy attended the Mountain Echoes programme in Thimphu. After the usual learning experiences, the students boarded the buses full of anticipation for what would be an enriching experience for all. After reaching the Royal University of Bhutan, the group was excited to attend the session entitled Dangphu Dingphu: Once Upon a Time with Angey Nagley, Agey Dregang and Dorji Gyeltshen in conversation with Dorji Tshering. A few of the students fancy themselves storytellers, and they soaked up the elders’ skill in weaving folktales. During the break times the students could be seen crowding the bookstall or rushing to get the autographs of various authors and speakers.

On Sunday they attended the entire programme at the Royal University of Bhutan and particularly enjoyed the sessions with Paro Anand, Chador Wangmo and Kunzang Choden. After the book release for Chador Wangmo’s Kyetse, many of them rushed to buy one of the first copies outside so they could get it signed. In the afternoon, they were treated to an interesting perspective on the trials and tribulations of growing up with Meenakshi Reddy and Lobzang Nima’s session A Teenager’s Guide to the Galaxy. Afterwards they were enticed to stay for the last session A Tale of Tragopans and Other Such Critters with Nawang Norbu and Sherub Sherub, where they were treated to some insight on the movement of all things in the universe, as well as some fantastic lessons from the speakers.

All in all it was a an eye opening experience for the students and teachers alike as they rubbed shoulders with some of Bhutan and India’s greatest authors and artists. The outing was one of many that will be taken off campus throughout the year, designed to enrich the perspective and worldview of the students at The Royal Academy.

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