The Royal Academy

On 26th of October, Mr. Karma Tenzin with his fabulous five (5 mentees) started the journey to Tongkola. We went to Paro town for shopping and headed to our first destination at Tongkola by vehicle. After reaching there, we pitch our tents and cook lunch for ourselves. Then, we went to visit the temple and got blessing from main statue, Guru Sunjen. It was very cold and windy but we managed to bear the cold.

Next day, we walked for five hours and reached Bumri. This temple is very important because it was build by hundred thousand consorts (Khandums) as a tribute to the Lama. There are many important relics printed on the stones and left for people to pay respect to get merits for enlightenment. The old monk took us arounds the temples to visit different relics and shared significance of them. The fabulous five had a lot of questions and the monk was very open to share his knowledge. It took us more than three hours to visit the different relics. Since there were many more left, we decided to stay another day.

Next day, we visited the other relics which took us more than five hours. It was a very good opportunity for the fabulous five to help the old monk in fetching water and cleaning the surrounding. In return, the old monk shared stories and gave advices to them in the evening.

Then we headed to Do-chhorten, which took us five hours from Bumri. We reached there fully exhausted and hungry. The monk there was very welcoming and provided us with tea. Then, we headed to visit various relics around the temple. Students learned the importance of praying to god and helping others.

Our last destination was Jela, which was build by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel in 17th century. This temple is very important for the history of Bhutan because Zhabdrung personally met with the Local Protector (Yeshey Genbo) and decided to fight back with Tibet. The Local Protector promised to support Zhabdrung and finally won the battle.

On the same day, we went to visit Da-kak-po, which is a very important temple for the people of Paro. Guru Rinpoche personally subdue the demon and made him the Local Protector of the people of Paro.

We were indeed fully satisfied and happy after visiting the five different temples and getting blessings from different relics and deities.