The Royal Academy

The Royal Academy hopes to realize its vision for education through a forward-looking curriculum and innovative teaching methodologies encapsulated in a unique triad model of the school, Education Research Center and Teacher Development Center. On-going research on education, curriculum and teacher development will form an important component of the Royal Academy — one that is addressed through the establishment of Education Research Center and a Teacher Development Center as research constituents of the Royal Academy. The interaction across the school, Education Research Center & Teacher Development Center is what makes the Royal Academy stand out as a model for education.

Centers at the Royal Academy

  • The School

    The Royal Academy will provide a modern, world class Bhutanese education that focuses on the five areas of development- cerebral, physical, social, emotional and spiritual. In addition to being well rounded and good, compassionate human beings, students will be ambassadors for Bhutan’s culture and values. At the same time, teachers will be continually empowered to implement the most effective education methodologies in a manner aligned to the Royal Academy’s philosophy and vision.

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  • Education Research Center:

    The center will undertake high-level research in the field of school education and learning that focuses on the simultaneous development of a curriculum as well as methodologies for training teachers for the school and eventually other institutions around the world. The Education Research Center has already established collaboration with renowned educational institutions such as Oxford University and hopes to expand its connections with other institutions.

  • Teacher Development Center:

    The center will empower teachers of the Royal Academy and eventually those from other institutions in Bhutan and worldwide through training methodologies developed in collaboration with the Education Research Center and the school. One of the primary goals of Teacher Development Center is to focus on providing continuous professional development to teachers.

An Inter-connected Academy

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