The Royal Academy

Events at the Royal Academy

First intramural football match

On a crystal clear day, the students participated in the very first intramural football match, presided over by the magnificent snow-capped Jomolhari. Throughout the day prior to the match, the entire student body was abuzz with anticipation for what would likely be an...
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Visit to Taktshang

On the auspicious occasion of Zhabdrung Kuchoe, the students of the Royal Academy along with some of the teachers trekked up to Taktsang monastery. The excitement was palpable amongst the students even before the trek began since many of them had never been to Taktsang before....
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Gomdri (orientation programme)

Gomdri, which took place from the 7th of March till the 2nd of April this year, orientated the students to the learning philosophy of the Academy and the Learning Experiences across the five areas of development (Cerebral, Physical, Social, Emotional, and Spiritual). The focus...
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Universal Human Values Workshop

Dasho Pema Thinley,??Ex Vice-Chancellor RUB??and??Lopen Lungtaen Gyatso, Director ILCS are facilitating the workshop from 24th ??? 29th August 2015. The focus of the workshop is to look at the role of education in a holistic manner, wholesome development and an understanding of...
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Mang Rimdo and Laying of Foundation Ceremony

The +ACYAIw-8216+ADs-Mang Rimdo+ACYAIw-8217+ADs was performed at the construction site on 20th July, corresponding to Drukpai Tshe Zhi +ACYAIw-8211+ADs the day on which??the Lord Buddha conducted first sermon in Varanasi. Laying of foundation ceremony for the construction of the Academic Block was also...
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The Royal Academy at The Green School, Bali

Three teachers were sent from The Royal Academy to Bali, Indonesia where they attended a Green Educators Course at The Green School. The theme of the Green Educators Course was on ???educating for sustainability???, and over the course of 5 days, the Royal Academy teachers took...
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