Five Areas of Development


Cerebral Development

Cerebral development focuses mainly, but not exclusively, on the academic content of curriculum. There is a strong emphasis on developing and enhancing the learners’ abilities in the three languages- English, Dzongkha and Mathematics. The content used in the learning experiences for the three languages will be drawn from the other domain areas such as Life Science, Sports, Aesthetics and Computer Science. With a wide range of new knowledge emerging constantly and the increased accessibility of this knowledge to learners, it is no longer enough to simply learn static concepts. What is ever more important today is the process of learning and the acquisition of skills and abilities to interpret and critically analyse both pre-existing and new knowledge and its application in real-time. Therefore, a focus of cerebral development at The Royal Academy is creating opportunities for learners to develop Skills and Processes, and to engage their curiosity and creativity.

Emotional Development

Emotional development at The Royal Academy focuses on emotional well-being of learners. It offers opportunities to help build the learners ability to recognise their own emotions, understand the external and internal factors that influence them and regulate emotions positively. The Royal Academy will create a safe environment for all learners to express themselves and experience a range of emotions. The priority is on providing a nurturing environment and the essential skills for all learners to discover, explore and continuously develop their potential.

Physical Development

Physical development at The Royal Academy ensures the general well-being, health, hygiene and physical fitness of all learners. Through physical activities such as games and sports, there will be opportunities for learners to build on and improve their physical health and fitness. Learners will be provided with experiences to enhance their interactions with the community and environment. Through games and sports, students will value the spirit of collaboration, leadership and communication.

Social Development

Social development at The Royal Academy focuses on developing wholesome relationships with peers, adults, community and the environment. Social Development aspires to help learners become a person of substance, one who is open to ideas, has the willingness to change, is a trustworthy member of a community and someone who conducts herself with integrity at all times. The choices that the learners make should help them become a responsible, contributory member of a just and harmonious society.

Spiritual Development

Spirituality is used to describe a wide range of ideas, from personal belief in a cosmic existence to subjective experience of profound connection with the universe. At The Royal Academy, it refers to the idea of mindfulness and interconnectedness. Buddhist concepts will form a crucial basis for this aspect of development but there will be a conscious effort to explore beyond the philosophical and religious aspects of Buddhism. Finding joy in every experience and understanding the essence of compassion and empathy will guide the experiences and learning. Therefore, Spiritual Development at The Royal Academy aspires to ensure that each learner becomes the best that they can be for the benefit of individuals and the community.